Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

PPC (pay-per-click) paid search advertising programs offer online advertisers an immediate way to generate qualified and targeted website traffic by buying sponsored ads at the Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter ad networks. When sponsored ads are accepted in the search networks, they can appear in the sponsored listings search results at Google, Microsoft Bing and a variety of other syndicated partner search engines.

To get listed in the pay-per-click sponsored listings, advertisers first set up an account at the paid search ad networks. Once an account has been established, advertisers compete against each other through a hybrid auction-style bidding system for ranking on keyword phrases in the sponsored ad listings. A combination of bid-per-click price and ad click-through rate achieves a certain placement within the sponsored listings on the results pages at Microsoft Bing,, AOL Search and other syndicated ad network partner sites. Advertisers have a high degree of control over the amount they are willing to bid for each keyword and their position in the listings, although advertisers can’t control whether they’re in the top positions simply by boosting their payments per click.

Technically, pay-per-click sponsored listings are free and advertisers only pay for clicks (visitors). The exact position of the sponsored ads on the search result page may vary from engine-to-engine. Sometimes they appear above or to the right of the unpaid natural or organic listings, at other times, they appear at the bottom.

SEM Campaign Management

By continually measuring and analyzing the performance of a search engine marketing campaign we are able to track the progress a campaign is making towards the established marketing goals.

Our approach to search engine marketing campaign management, combined with the expert knowledge of our search engine marketing specialists, provides insight into the performance of every keyword, text ad and landing page. We determine which areas of the campaign are working and which need to be improved.

SEM Campaign Program

Our SEM campaign management services are more than just a do-it-yourself keyword bidding and ROI tracking solution. We offer a complete managed integrated SEM Campaign Management program, which includes identifying measurable client campaign objectives, web site usability and conversion evaluation, competitive analysis, keyword research and selection, tactical plan development and implementation, cross media reporting support, campaign assessment and recommendations; and assistance with the development and testing of text ads and other creative, as well as landing pages. We actively work with our clients to manage their campaigns and ensure that they surpass their marketing goals.

Monitoring, Measuring and Optimizing

Our customizable in-depth reporting can identify the cost per visitor, the cost per conversion, total revenue and ROI for each keyword, text ad and landing pages within your search engine marketing campaign.

SEM Campaign Analysis

As a full-service search campaign management partner, we provide more than just the tools and expertise necessary to set up and execute a search engine marketing campaign.

We work with our clients on a continuing basis to develop and maintain their search engine marketing campaign and provide detailed analysis of the campaign’s performance. Through our continuing campaign management services, we measure and analyze the results and then re-optimize to achieve maximum ROI. In addition, we recommend new strategies, when necessary, to ensure that a search engine marketing campaign grows with the client’s business.